eMazizini Village is a WOWZulu destination in the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal

eMazizini in the Amphitheatre

Add a new dimension to your stay in the Drakensberg Amphitheatre. Visit the Mazizi community, whose ancestors have lived in the area for centuries. Meet friendly locals, experience rural culture, and know that your visit and the income it generates change lives.

Our Marketplace on the road to Royal Natal National Park is your friendly home in the village. It stocks locally-made craft that combine traditional craft techniques with modern design. Enjoy coffee, hear local stories and get a taste of local culture.

Take a ride on a tractor-drawn trailer up the slopes of the mountain behind eMazinini Village.  Stop at a deserted cattle kraal, the remains of an earlier settlement. Take a short walk to see the Amphitheatre rising dramatically above the valley below. Listen to stories and the beat of a drum, or try some traditional dance steps. Enjoy a drink and snack while you watch the flow of daily life or sunset over the village below.

Let local women teach you the ancient craft of grass weaving, using skills passed down through generations and grasses that are only harvested on the mountain slopes. Share stories and a snack while you create your original artwork.

Visit the community of New Stand, a short drive from the WOWZULU Marketplace. Pick vegetables for your lunch in an organic garden. Stop at a cattle kraal to understand how cattle play a central role in the life of this farming community. Visit a tavern to a taste of the local brew, known by locals as mfula mfula, while traditional dancers and tavern goers give you a feel for the local beat and teach you a few steps. Round off the experience with a freshly-prepared meal.

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