WOWZulu sustainable products experiences, KwaZulu-Natal

Sustainable Products

WOWZULU is a member of the global One Planet – Travel with care Sustainable Tourism network and a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. As such, we aim to ensure that WOWZULU Marketplaces become role models of sustainable environmental practice.

We also help local communities to market and sell exquisitely made ‘products of origin’ - art and handcraft that are locally sourced and made of materials that are either sustainably sourced or recycled: woven baskets made from locally sourced grasses or ilala palm from the Drakensberg or far North; embroidery on recycled mealie bags from the Battlefields; woven table mats clad with recycled ‘sweetie wrappers’; or screen printed bags from the South Coast.

Increasingly, WOWZULU tries to help community members to market and sell organic agro-processed health or food products such as soaps infused with traditional herbs; locally-harvested honey; marula jams or amadumbe chips.

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