WOWZulu experience cultural in KwaZulu-Natal


Touch our lives

Across KwaZulu-Natal, immerse yourself in the local culture of rural communities who live in harmony with their natural surroundings and still have time to listen and talk to others. Often, the lives of these predominantly tribal communities are a fascinating mix of deeply traditional beliefs and pastoral lifestyles with contemporary customs and the connectivity that cell phones bring.

Explore local culture in any of our 7 WOWZULU destinations: Meeting local people and making friends, visiting the places around which local life evolve, hearing our stories and learning new skills. And wherever you go, you will meet the WOWZULU Small Seven, the seven domestic animals whose ancestors came down into KwaZulu-Natal with Nguni tribes a thousand years ago, and who have now become inextricably part of village life: the Nguni cow, donkey, goat, sheep, pig, dog and chicken.

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